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JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd_Business Content_Construction Consultation

In recent years, Myanmar's development and annual growth have exceeded 6.5% per year in terms of GDP. As a matter of course, the development of transportation infrastructure in urban and rural areas is desired as soon as possible. Contribute to the improvement of road construction and incidental equipment and local infrastructure, especially the road construction survey technology and process architect technology that the Group has accumulated over many years of construction experience, utilizing the track record of construction management of process, quality, cost and safety.

JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd_Business Content_Human Resource Development

The appointment of overseas human resources in Japan has already been implemented in all industries. In particular, the promotion of overseas human resources utilizing the technical intern trainee system and the specific skill system is progressing year by year, despite some challenges.

Depending on each industry... In order to acquire the right person in the right place and have them perform their activities; it is necessary to build their own methods. The willingness of Myanmar to produce human resources overseas is very strong. However, the current situation is that we have not yet established a matching system for the work that we want to do and the work that we can do.

JMT collaborates with many corporations in each educational institution and overseas human resources dispatching organization that are carrying out human resource development in Myanmar to provide the best human resources that the Japanese companies require, in order to match better human resources.

JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd_Business Content_Investment

Educational facilities are operated in various forms, including public and private schools such as Japanese language schools, vocational training schools, advanced technology acquisition schools, universities, etc., in the current Myanmar.

Local Human resource development is as core business for JMT and JMT will carry out alliances and investment operations with corporations and institutions, operating each educational facility.

JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd_Business Content_Marketing Strategy

“Obtaining information, making choices, and taking action.” This is an act that has been performed since ancient times, but with the spread of digital technology, people of all ages can collect information on mobile phones, PCs, and tablets, and implement action plans. The decision process has begun to take shape.

JMT has formed a team that promotes marketing strategy work centered on SNS digital with FB/Twitter/Instagram is the core of marketing method especially in domestic situation in Myanmar, video commentary, online shopping, recruitment, travel, cars, entertainment, etc. These various information are obtained from SNS and transmitted via it, which became a living infrastructure information base.

I am convinced that it is necessary to consider how to relate to and utilize this living information based infrastructure in all industries and businesses. The JMT/SNS team will deliver the detailed solution.

We also provide support for companies that have advanced to Myanmar. 


● Business such as company registration to DICA (business application after registration, annual return, business report)

● Assistance work such as opening a bank account (corporation) 

● Application for various business visas 

● Support for office opening, real estate exploration, etc. 

● Support for accounting operations, such as accounting and settlement after the establishment of a corporation


In order to expand into Myanmar, the above five basic tasks are required. JMT will provide one-stop support for these basic tasks. We will provide a consultation UI x UX service after asking various questions about our customers' goals, goals, and timeframes for entering Myanmar.

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