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We have always been pioneers.

Our company based in Hokkaido has been maximizing the benefits of Hokkaido, Tokachi and Obihiro.

For over 50 years since our company was established, we have had various experiences in this area of Hokkaido and accumulated know-how as a company.


The founder has long been exploring whether such know-how can be used abroad to contribute to other countries.

In 2018, We have got some advised connection to the city of Yangon in Myanmar. We started a field survey from the beginning of 2019. Three years have passed since new government (National League for Democracy) was placed in April 2016, the new government drove the country towards the market economy and democratization. We have seen various infrastructures are not yet been developed in the city center, suburbs, and rural. On the other hand, the potential of Myanmar for the future, sincere and honest nationality, and the future potential of ASEAN members, these are such strong vectors.


However, there is a shortage of know-how and human resources to develop such infrastructures, and this is the fact that we can use the accumulation of our know-how in this Hokkaido, probably much uses such land or should not be.


In July 2019, we established the JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co., Ltd in the city of Yangon in Yinkin township. Upon this issue let us begin by having a variety of advice and issues especially from JICA and JETRO. Looking forward to the development of human resources which can contribute to the infrastructure in Myanmar, and can even perform architects such as paving and civil engineering.


Various tasks are waiting for us.

We have always been pioneers ... Our pioneering has been started again

Business Content

JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd_Business Content

C O M P A N Y   P R O F I L E

JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd
JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd

JMT / JM Toshin Corporation Co.,Ltd

Yoshimichi Ishikawa   CEO/MD(石川佳路)

Seigo Sato                   Director(佐藤誠吾)

Mitsuhiro Abe             Director(阿部光博)

Tun Tun Oo                  Executive Manager(トン トン ウー)



Room601 No,5/B Aung Zaya Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar



Company Registration No, 120714015  DICA Certificate of Incorporation.


Business Content

1. Construction Consultation

2. Human Resource Development

3. Investment

4. Marketing Strategy

Member Organization

Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,Myanmar Official Member



$ 200,000 (USD)



Mizuho Bank, Yangon Branch

CB Bank, Sule Square Branch

KBZ Bank, Anawrahta Branch