C O M P A N Y   P R O F I L E


Company name Toshin Corporation

(Head Office) 12-7, Shindori, Otofuke-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido, 080-0104, Japan

(Senkon Sales Office) 2-15, Kasuga-cho, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido, 085-0041, Japan

CEO Seigo Sato
Founding March 19, 1964
Capital 30 million yen (280,000US$)
Business description

Paving and civil engineering business

Construction rigging work, earthwork, concrete work, water supply facility work

Permission number Hokkaido Governor permission (JP - 29 ) ten first 000,961 No.

・Senior Managing Director          - Kazunori Sato

・Overseas Business Supervisor Director          - Yoshimichi Ishikawa

・Admiration Managing Director           - Haruyuki Kawashiro

・Construction Department Director    - Hideyuki Sato

・Director                     - Hirofumi Tokuchi

Qualified person

1st Class civil engineering construction management engineers      -8 Persons

■ 2nd Class Civil Engineering Manager                                                    -1 Person

■ 2nd Class construction machinery construction engineer                -1 Person

■ 1st Class pavement construction management engineers                 -5 Persons

■ 2nd Class pavement construction management engineers               -2 Persons

Owned machinery

・Asphalt finisher

・Motor grader

・Tire roller

・Macadam roller

・Tandem roller

・Tire excavator

Rating grade

・B Grade In Hokkaido Development Bureau Pavement

・A Grade In  Hokkaido Government pavement

Quality standard 2015, 9 May ISO9001 : 2015 acquisition
Environmental standards 2011, 8 May HES (Hokkaido environmental management system) Acquisition

2013,  9 May Hokkaido Green Biz Certification System registration

2013, 10 May Hokkaido Landscaping support companies certification

2015,  6 May Hokkaido Warm Family Support Company Registration


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